Certified Open Water Diver

IMG_0177After breakfast I started with tests on previous night studies as well as an final exam covering the entire course. Not that surprisingly I managed to pass but I did fill in the wrong answer on the question regarding signaling out of air. After my instructor made sure I actually knew this but only filled out the wrong answer it was time to the final dives as well, lapus lapus first and deep rock for the last one.

For the third open water dive we practiced underwater navigation with compass, emergency ascent and mask/buoyancy skills. We were somewhat deeper this time, 16m, but less troubles with equalizing and it was nice to just swim around and look at things after the tests where done. When going back for lunch we had lunch at our regular breakfast place (on top of the dive shop) since Mirsada hadn’t moved since breakfast.

The only remaining tests for the forth and last dive was surface navigation (with compass) and always-recurring mask-skills so it was more or less a regular dive with the others on the boat. We were a little deeper this time, 18m and with a slightly better visibility than previous dives it was certainly the best so far. We spotted pygmy sea horses (requiring a magnifying glass to see) and a frogfish. It took me a couple of minutes to understand why we where staring at this butt-ugly stone until I saw eye and mouth on the fish.

The rest of the afternoon was quite calm, Mirsada had moved approximately 200 meters in total during the day, that is to the dive shop /breakfast/lunch place and back to the bungalow. We decided to keep the slow pace and finish the night by watching Narnia – Prince Caspian and having an awesome Pizza at Angelina’s.

Just before we were about to turn out the lights a lovely little spider (and by little I mean approximately the size of my fist) scurried in and placed itself on the wall. It however fled mysteriously after I’ve armed myself and swung myself up to the ceiling of the veranda to trying to seal it’s destiny. It felt rather nice to use the mosquito net.
No photos were taken today, so the top image will be a random picture of locals carrying a fresh Dorado fish, enjoy! To get another idea of the size, here’s another photo with Mirsada and Alan in it.