Dives, tests and studies

PC270007Open Water Dive 2 was scheduled for today after passing the theoretical tests for previous parts. I had some difficulties with my pressure equalization at first, I might have been affected by Mirsadas cold despite my mad immune system skillz. This time there were plenty of exercises such as pretending I lose the regulator or run out of air. At 12 meters below surface this was probably a new depth record for yours truly. As I got up Mike told me I’d like to wash my face since I’d blown out some blood vessels during my brute-force attempts of equalizing, who said brute force wasn’t a valid option when diving?

IMG_0170The afternoon was free, not as in beer but as in watching PADI DVDs and reading the rest of the book. The weather was less cloudy than before so we took a swim at our favorite beach again. After more than enough time in the water for yours truly we took a stroll along one of the other beaches for looking for seashells and I dumped my camera at home. It of course turned out to be an awesome sunset with amazing colors – well at least Mirsada got my full attention for this romantic moment.

We had dinner at Hippocampus again, this time we were thrilled to realize that in the middle of the dinner three guys with a guitar started playing, lovely. After the initial songs they turned out quite nice though, it could have been the drink and beer that slipped down which made it more endurable though. Back at the bungalow I cursed the PADI book for the last time presumably when I found out that there was an additional little booklet which I’d first missed that needed to read as well.