Surf’s up

15112016 - Jan Juc Surfing  - _MG_8606

The end of a run where I actually stood a while on the board

My foot had suddenly quit complaining (that Voltaren is going to the pharmacy at home), Jonte wasn’t working, weather wasn’t perfect but we had postponed it until it could be postponed no longer – time to go surfing and Jan Juc was just the beach for it. Juni was sleeping so Mona stayed home while mom and dad joined as documentary crew.

15112016 - Jan Juc Surfing  - _MG_8591

Notice the douchiness of Jonte who goes up to a headstand on the surfboard while passing me.

I was a bit sceptic to the water temperature but turns out Jonte’s wetsuits were upp to snuff. We were in the water an hour and these waves are small, no doubt about it but it let’s just say it was evident that experience help the energy conservation. For the last runs when we needed to get through the impact zone I put my shame away and let my younger brother taxi me out. It was great fun, although when I tumbled on the beach the last time my feet felt like wooden stumps and I was a bit tired and had swallowed some water, and felt the board hit me on the chin or ribs a dozen times at least.

15112016 - Jan Juc Surfing  - _MG_8613

Happy Viktor

15112016 - Jan Juc Surfing  - _MG_8633

One of these two brothers surf more than the other.

After spending the time in the water it felt almost warm to get into the sun on the parking and shower off the first bit with the cold water shower. Back we had a healthy surfer’s breakfast and I complemented that with a long lovely warm shower.

The weather improved during the day so we decided to walk to the nearest beach with Juni. I can see why people move here, a few minutes walk and this beach is awesome already in early spring.

15112016 - Torquay  - _MG_8641

I could get used to this, I really could.

Mona had done her eye-lashes while we were taking the stroll but as she got back we thought why not try to get a few glimpses om Kangaroos again in the sunset? Said and done, and lucky we were.

15112016 - Torquay  - _MG_8666

Well hello my jumping little friends in golden hour

15112016 - Torquay  - _MG_8716

Spotted, but keeping the distance to the wild Kangaroos

With a new record in taken photos for the day it was only fitting to take a family photo as we got home before the last common barbecue in a while.

15112016 - Torquay  - _MG_8738

Ernholm/Carlson extended family in one photo – a rare sight