Stay-at-home dad

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I think both of them liked it about as much

Today was a day of hanging out with Juni. Mona and Janelle went horseback riding, Jonte was working and parents where en Geelong while yours truly manned the fort at home.

Juni and I practiced (well tried to) how to in a safe manner (backwards) go from higher positions to lower positions. She handles it just fine when pointed in the right direction but if left to her own devices she will kamikaze dive out still it seems. Jerry (the cat) has also been a major figure in today’s play.

For extra excitement no less than two handymen dropped by during the day as well, the first was the long-awaited oven-repairman, the latter was a bit of a surprise but turned out to be legit.

Australia has figured out that saving energy is good, thus they have a replace-your-lightbulbs-program where, someone contracted by the government shows up at your house – replaces all lamps with low-energy leds (those expensive ones) and installs them for you. Also, if you have any issues such as one going dark within two years they will come back and fix that. Compared to Sweden (outlaw selling the old ones, and let people buy the new expensive ones in stores when needed) this seems to be a way to get the residents more positive to the change.

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While sitting in a stroller is fine most of the time, being carried is the best.

I also finalized a whole bunch of blog-entries that had been only drafted while Juni slept, productive day indeed. As parents came back with more t-shirts, beers and a replaced belt from Kathmandu we went out for a stroll with Juni. Mona arrived just as we were leaving so we walked towards the beach and found a playground with swings for old and young.

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How our garageport could have looked if we grew up elsewhere

On the way back mom found her dream pick-up truck, violet in color is all she cares for.