Haircut and Chocolaterie

Juni didn’t completely adapt but we’re getting there, I let Mona sleep on and had a cup of tea with Juni and mom and got some photo editing done as well. I recalled that we talked about the haircut so Jonte, me and mom went to Quiksilver again – this time in Jonte’s pride and joy, the Toyota Land Cruiser (75 Series Troopcarrier) complete with tent on top.

We didn’t get to use the tent on the way but did find that others had been clever to show up a few minutes prior to 10 so I was third in line and were to wait until 11. Well well, there were outlets for both Quiksilver and Rip Curl right next to the main stores so we managed to the pass the time.

While Jonte and mom had a fika I got the haircut and although it wasn’t LJK it ended up pretty good – given the deteriorated haircut after just over five weeks on the road most things would have been considered an improvement though.

Selfies = Holding the worst of three cameras I have in a weird angle.

Selfies = Holding the worst of three cameras I have in a weird angle.

After we got back Mona had done a bit of research so we were off to Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie and Ice-cream – to get lunch, what else? When we got there we got a bit surprised, the parking was perhaps 200 cars and the building quite large – we had expected a small artisan shop or some small factory. As we got in it was a mix of IKEA after salaries or school cantina for 9-year olds. All locals – so either this was insanely popular or we had chosen a bad Sunday for this – the total area was one third cantina, one third store and one third factory, and then add free chocolate to that.

We gave up the plans of having lunch there and went for ice-cream instead to eat on the outside, a rational choice given the dire circumstances. We met up parents and ventured back in and got out with truffles, boxes of chocolate and our hearing still intact so I consider that a win.

Something that wasn’t really a win was my left ankle – I’ve had increasing pain there over the last couple of days and resigned and applied Voltaren gel. Not sure it’s curing old age but let’s see how that develops. After dinner Mona, Janelle and Jonte watched a movie while I put Juni (and myself apparently) to bed so it was a early night tonight as well.