Sweet home Torquay

We said our goodbyes to Melbourne and checked out early, and thus managed to check in, stay and check out with actually never meet the owner of the AirBnB. It was a nice apartment though so no complains there.

Rather than staying in Melbourne we drove towards Torquay with the goal of making ourselves a fresh and hot brunch, well the two chefs maybe would contribute more than me but there’s no them in team.12112016 - iPhone Melbourne - IMG_3659

After finishing the lovely meal it was a strong focus on doing quite little. Eventually the parents showed up (after a bit of cursing of the 4G coverage along Great Ocean Road).

Some slacking later me and Mona drove to Quiksilver where Jonte had convinced me I should cut my hair at some used-to-be-hipster-barber-but-left-the-city. As a part of the style was drop-in only and there was already I guy in line so we said we would drop by tomorrow instead.

We gave Jonte and Janelle a drive into a pub since they were off to a party while we took it easy at home. I wrote up some blogs once Juni settled down and we watched a newly released episode of frequency and checked the status of Jonte and Janelle but they were having a great time so we hit the sack early in an attempt to adapt Juni’s sleep.