Banksy and Noodles

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St Kilda Pier

We woke up early and headed back to St Kilda central along the waterfront. Today it was probably the warmest so far so shorts it was. We found a busy café for a breakfast in the sun on the sidewalk – I had porridge with maple syrup instead of milk because reasons.

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Waning myself off these breakfasts will be tough…

We took our time but eventually headed back to pick up some bags for the longer excursion into Melbourne CBD. We took the tram (which was using VIX validators for those interested) and headed off to a Banksy exhibition. Finding the actual exhibition wasn’t as easy as one may think but eventually after walking through some shady parking house we got there.

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Not entirely sure this was what he expected though…

It was a collection of prints, photos and some backstories so it gave a nice overview and a lot of the messages or images was uncannily relevant after the USA election. I was going back and forth about souvenirs but ended up getting a tote with the good old flower-throwing rioter.11112016 - Melbourne  - _MG_8512

The Weather was still blue skies and warm sun so why not have a beer or to along the river? Said and done, we struggled a bit with finding a good place for the stroller but ended up near the south side bridge. The plan was to kill two hours until the Noodle Markets would open, that’s a food festival which specialize in asian street food ran annually so the timing was quite nice.

11112016 - Melbourne  - _MG_8525

Food stalls galore and staff coming to the table asking what drinks you would like to order. Nice.

A few beers and some time later we walked into the asian food heaven which reminded me of regular music festivals although people a bit less intoxicated and the food being on a whole new level. It was hard to pick any favorites, we of course had to try almost everything, but if I were to pick one it was probably the golden bags (a bit like vegetarian gyoza).

11112016 - Melbourne  - _MG_8530

Crispy, vegetarian goodies – I could probably live off these as the only food for a week.

After a few hours of enjoying the variety of asian tastes we headed back home after another lovely day – so I guess it’s not over until we say so.

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Not today Satan, not today.