A New Hope

Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

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Chabby Chic and wonderful chai and food – despited being Trumped.

We woke up and agreed to not read more news today since it was severely depressing and would focus on here and now instead. Juni didn’t automatically adjust her clock for the change of timezone so she was up at 7 instead of 9. Jonte arrived around 11 from Torquay and we dumped his over-night back and then took the car to his old neighborhoods.

First stop was brunch at Monk Bodhi Dharma where Jonte had worked some hours as well as being there close to daily. Jonte and Janelle had hyped up their chai to “life changing experience” – I have to concede it was among the best I’ve had but life changing is perhaps a bit over the top. A really nice hipster place a bit hidden away – definitely pay it a visit if you have the opportunity.

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Blue skies, just about right wind and three choppers in formation.

Well fed we strolled around the area a bit and Jonte pointed out a hat store which we of course had enter. Three hats (one each!) later we picked up some diapers and took the car home, re-packed and took the stroller along the St Kilda beach instead.

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Jonte has no fear, ’cause he got a lot of beer.

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The kid is going to be alright – the force is strong with this one.

As we reached the pier we headed up through the heart of St Kilda, bought some beers and a cider from a bottle shop and indulged ourselves in the park as true locals or backpackers. Life wasn’t took too bad and humanity will get through this phase just as black death or other hardships.

After finishing the beverages and in a good mood, we walked on to a favorite indian place of Jonte’s, Babu Ji which were renown for their starters. It hadn’t opened just yet when we got there so we had a quick table of pool while waiting at the pub next door. Turns out that it’s fine to bring your beers from the pub into the indian restaurant so after a close match ending with a loss for yours truly we got seated for a bunch of starters. We had our own-made tasting menu with starters and they were indeed really tasty.

After a long day of St Kilda hoods we walked back to the apartment and had a rather early  night. On the way home I sold off all my stock in the Swedish stock market – even if things didn’t crash as it first looked I am happy to stay out of the upcoming volatility so GLHF world.