Hasta la vista Australia

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Finally on board

All good things come to and end, and so does this trip. We made our bags for the last time and headed off with if not epic at least a decent buffer. Parents had already gone a bit ahead.

Things were going rather smooth so Mona got a nice coffee to go from Pond, we had enough time. As we got closer to Melbourne airport and followed Google’s instructions we got a bit suspicious – shouldn’t there be more traffic here, and does this really look like where we were a week ago? Nope, and it appears that we were not the only ones taking a u-turn and cursing google for marking out Melbourne Airport for some operational building to the airport.

And of course cell coverage was spotty here, so we drove blindly looking for airport signs – and eventually saw a sign as well as got cell coverage so Google couldĀ could instead head to the car rental on the airport. It wasn’t the end of the world and we still had a healthy buffer of time, and the petrol station was just next to the car-rental so we tanked up the car after some hassle and was now almost done.

We would have been if we didn’t take the wrong lane and headed off on the freeway instead of back to the car rental. 20 minutes later we were back, now with less healthy buffers. Met up parents who had gone ahead earlier and not checked in but waited for us. We checked in everything quickly and made way for the gate.

The boarding was a bit delayed so I got some burgers for us we could have in the 15-20minutes delay. Well, as I got back boarding just started, and we were not allowed to bring food on board. I ate like a ninja and threw the rest away to secure good cabin space while Mona joined after.

I got to our seats and packed everything, met up Mona and sat down. Nice. Well, until the purser asked if he could see our boarding passes, which I provided. He returned them and informed us that, your boarding passes state seat 42 J and K, you are in seat 60 J,K. These were the seats I had on my confirmation and had arranged before so we would have enough space for Juni. However, the unknown people who had now tickets for 60 with plenty of leg-room gave that up – nice people indeed. After some thoughts how this could have happened it appears the friendly check-in person moved our seats so we would be on the same row as my parents without asking us.

The actual flight went well, and Juni behaved great – compared to some other raging 3-year old.

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Taking a nap in the lounge

In Bangkok we went to a lounge and had some pancakes, high-speed wifi and nice resting place during our 3 hour stop.

The final leg we did have our nice 60J,K again and this time there was quite a lot of empty seat including the one next so we even managed to get a few hours of sleep. Despite the good trip we were a bit tired as we got to Oslo, found all our bags and took the train into central station.

Last leg

Last leg

We saw the parents off on a bus to Kristinehamn and went home, took a shower and went to bed – we’ll deal with the jetlag another time. Over and out for this time!