Hairy Maclary and Friends

06112016 - Tauranga - _MG_8402

Juni enjoyed the lagom sized Hairy Maclary

Today we were expecting heavy rain, but it never really showed up so we instead headed into Tauranga. After parking and walking the stroller along the centre we passed a Japanese restaurant called Takara just around lunch-time, I considered this an omen so we had lunch there. It was nice to get some japanese food and the staff was friendly and provided Juni with a plate of rice and sliced grapes.



Mental note – never have round pieces of food in vicinity of Juni, even though we diced the slices up in better sized pieces she managed with her long octopus arms snagg two slices and shove in her mouth. Breathing issues ensured and we had a quick exercise in Heimlich for babies and out came the slice after a good slap on the butt.

After that excitement we scouted along the waterfront and by chance run into¬†Hairy Maclary and Friends – which are characters from children’s books by New Zealands version Astrid Lindgren (Lynley Dodd). So these were made into statues and we realized that Hairy Maclary was the scruffy-looking dog that had been on all Juni’s diapers since we got to New Zealand. We added the book to future shopping list.

06112016 - Tauranga - _MG_8391

All Hairy Maclary’s friends…

After that we drove back home we had a look at the Alpacas on the farmstead and concluded the day with a calm night and watched a few Netflix episodes of Frequency. Eventually we realized that this wasn’t a completed series or even season so the last two episodes where scheduled to be released later. The struggle is real.

06112016 - Tauranga - _MG_8408

Long-necked Rastafari sheeps are called Alpacas.