Mount Manganui and a sombrero

We started the day with a drive to Omokoroa beach for chai and coffee. It was rather overcast but we strolled around and played at their playground, Juni was really enjoying the seesaw there but for parents it wasn’t perhaps that exiting and not really that picturesque either so we drove to Mount Manganui (which is a town, which also have the mountain called Mount Manganui – obviously).

05112016 - Mount Maunganui  - _MG_8376

In the beginning of the trek we were all happy

05112016 - Mount Maunganui  - _MG_8383

And from the top the same islands look like this

After some confusion of where the path actually starts (near the beach) we walked up and took the intermediate route up. We got some great views, it seems to be a popular place with the locals and there was a mix from rock-climbers to families or youths with portable music. As we walked down we went with the more difficult one, turns out moderate is by far more scenic. We walked a bit along Manganui beach then switched to the stroller and scanned the local restaurants.

05112016 - Mount Manganui iPhone  - IMG_4847

Nod bad, not bad at all.

05112016 - Mount Manganui iPhone  - IMG_6338

Supermom goes all out

As we passed The Barrio Brothers it struck us that we hadn’t had mexican food in quite a while and were rather fed up with New Zealand pub food so we gave it a try. Possibly the best mexican food I’ve had and for sure the best meal in a long time with nice drinks as well. Mona fell in love with a sombrero and was yelling Arriba to Juni and the others guests delight – and she was still the designated driver.