07112016 - Auckland - _MG_8418

Auckland from Devonport beach

That rain we expected the day before had been hammering the corrugated metal roof during the night and was still coming in bursts as we packed our stuff so it seems we had timed the day of travel right. After a quick lesser breakfast we got in the car and drove off towards Auckland to meet up with my parents again.

The rain kept coming in bursts and Mona even had to stop by the side of the road at one point since the visibility was too bad – but it started to clear up as we got closer to Auckland. We drove over the impressive bridge between Auckland and Devonport, the suburb which we had booked a place through AirBnB at and met parked on the street while meeting up parents. It had not been very easy to find the apartment, but since my parents arrived earlier that was settled and we could unpack everything in the very shabby chic apartment with a lovely garden.

07112016 - Auckland - _MG_8409

Old tree near Devonport library

We took a stroll in the overcast Devonport after settling in and walked towards Devonport city-centre (which also is where ferries depart to Auckland every quarter or so). The houses were right up Mona’s alley, carpenter love and general coziness all around. We had a proper lunch at Corelli’s and mom and dad praised their pasta while I almost managed to finish a “summer abundance bowl” and had a mango lassie.

The economy has really been harsh in Auckland.

The economy recent years has really been harsh in Devonport.

As we were leaving we got a brief rain shower, so we gave up further excursions and instead walked back to our apartment. Well safe and sound we had a calm evening with cheese and crackers while solving a few of the world’s problem that hadn’t been solved previously.