You call that a burger?

2Kg burger - free if you finish it

2Kg burger – free if you finish it

Woke up without Internet access, again.

In New Zealand apparently 1Gb data is deemed luxorious and more than enough for a day with two adults. I mean what could possibly go wrong with cloud backups of photos, regular backups of phones, updates to apps downloaded over wifi etc? In Twizel some time ago, we got 50Mb vouchers valid for one hour. I guess Spotify and Netflix aren’t popular around here…

Anwho, it was already pouring down rain – a good day for travel and driving north towards Christchurch to meet up with parents again.

We drove off, and took a detour to Geraldine for breakfast and Internet at a cafe where three young men did their third attempt of eating a supersize burger each. They did not make it this time either but gave it a good try.

While sipping chai’s we combined two important tasks, having Juni crawling herself tired for the remaining drive and sorting out cars for the rest of the trip. The latter turned out to a bit of a jig-saw-puzzle since it was not possible to extend the ones we had now, it ended up with a shared van “El Cheapo” – what could possibly go wrong – to Wellington and then there switch to two separate cars “Travella” which ought to be a bit larger than the one we’ve had so far.

My parents recommended a small cheese factory/shop, Talbot Forest Cheese, which they had visited in Geraldine and it was just a few minutes away so we stopped by for tastings and ended up driving towards Christchurch with more cheese than we likely can eat ourselves before leaving New Zealand…

Overall the timing of sleep with Juni quite well, we almost got to Christchurch before some complaining. Well there we checked in at the motel the parents found, had some Japanese takeaway (Zenbu), did a bit of laundry and chilled.