A Day in Roxburgh and a Night in Dunedin

We had another nice and slow breakfast, and really hesitated to leave Lake Hawea but decided we wanted to head for Dunedin in the south by the coast so off we went.

Marshmallow - meet chocolate

Marshmallow – meet chocolate

On the way to Dunedin we stopped in Roxburgh for a fika with visiting a gallery and allowing Juni to crawl around for some time. Roxburgh was a quaint little town, free bathrooms with almost Japanese level of automation – I for one welcome our AI overlords by the way.

Art opposite public toilets. Cybermen goes American Gothic?

We kept driving through small populated areas which seemed like a mix of previous gold-rush cities and hipsters coming back and finally reached Dunedin, which is Scottish Gaelic for Edinburg. We checked in at Wains Hotel which was centrally located, and as usual more posh entry than actual rooms. After dumping our gear we headed off for dinner and took advice from Tripadvisor as usual, Etrusco at the Savoy was nearby and highly-ranked so Italian it was.

This restaurant is something I really can recommend, great food, good selection of wines and a good and friendly service. We timed Juni somewhat unfortunate so she wanted to play rather than chill in her stroller as we ate to our dismay, this is when the owner Megan introduced herself and asked if she could walk around with Juni while we ate. Seemed like a win-win-wine for us.

The struggle is real

The struggle is real

As Juni settled down and we (!) had our desserts it struck me that enduring life’s hardships is easier with a good cognac.