Lake Wanaka and Rippon Winery

Det blåser hårt, det blåser kallt ...

Det blåser hårt, det blåser kallt …

We enjoyed our stay very much and wanted to chill a bit more so after breakfast we split up so parents headed off to Cromwell while we moved to another suite and then drove off to Wanaka for a shorter day-trip.

Wanaka Tree

Wanaka Tree

It was quite windy, so we took the advice from one at the hotel and took a shorter trek starting in the city near the shore towards Rippon Wine estate. A few photos and little less than an hour later we were up on the hills at Rippon Winery and enjoyed a quick wine-tasting.

Decent job drinking wine with tourists and this view…

Juni were a magnet for asian tourists and surprised us by waving and winking back to them – a first and nothing she had returned to us. We walked back with two bottles of wine and stopped in Wanaka city centre for some supermarket shopping and then back to apartment for chilling, long warm showers and in general enjoying vacation, I mean parental leave of course.


#nofilter view from suite

During the evening I finished Cibola Burn, which without a doubt was the best book in the Expanse series so far, next up is Nemesis Games!