Kangaroo and Wallaby spotting

10102016 - Torquay - _MG_7548-2Today we headed out to Narana, Aboriginal cultural centre, to learn more about the native culture and history. It was unfortunately not that extensive and either their painting culture is rather strict or the gallery limited in variation – a large majority paintings had titles including  “dreams” and/or elements and lots of patterns. Not really quenched on our hunger for native history we decided to at least throw some boomerangs and scout for wallabies in the park.

10102016 - Torquay - _MG_7524-2


10102016 - Torquay - _MG_7486-2Wallabies were found and throwing boomerangs were unexpectedly fun as well as tricky, Mona being the closest to actually have the boomerang return. The weather kept improving so we took another trip down towards Bells beach to see if there were any decent surf going on. There were some people in the water (as always) but not enough good waves for Jonte to feel the urge to get his boards. On the way there we also spotted wild kangaroos which were a bit shy, and hopped away when I walked closer to try to catch some close-ups but perhaps best for all involved on the other side.10102016 - Torquay - _MG_7497-2

Since we would leave Torquay for tomorrow we went to bed rather early after another spicy dinner where my father, known to use the outside bbq between early February and mid December and a in general stark proponent of meat, stated that it was indeed possible to create really nice vegetarian food. This may sound rude but it was perhaps one of the greater compliments my brother as a chef heard given the context.

Bells Beach

Bye Bells Beach – until next time!