Shopping and breweries

09102016 - Little Creatures - IMG_3431Having Juni sleep for two hours in the evening proved to be a bad idea, so we had a wide awake baby for an hour between two and three. On the other hand it wasn’t all bad since I picked up the Expanse series and started reading the fourth book – Cibola Burn.

After a sleep-in we split up into to teams, one for Kathmandu shopping where Mona got a raincoat and nice merino wool sweater and yours truly a pair of liner gloves in merino as well. Mother and Janelle headed for the wool museum, which they enjoyed more than we would have.

We met then up at the White Rabbit Brewery, and obviously had to sample their beers. It was tricky to determine a winner but the pale ale was probably my favorite.

Father and beer samples

Parenting and Grand-parenting 101

After a few bears we headed on to the next brewery – Little Creatures for more beers and dinner. Again, the pale ale was my beer of choice and the food wasn’t bad either. It got quite crowded and noise as the afternoon progressed, apparently drinking on Sundays is a popular thing. It’s referred to as Sunday Sesh by the locals and guarantees that the starting of the work week is so much nicer.

Instead of going all in on beers we decided to stop by and watch Sean, room-mate of our hosts play Beach Volleyball finals. Unfortunately the results didn’t cause for celebrations but then again that meant that I could get back to my book when the others hit the sack.