Addis Point

Addis Point from viewpoint

When in Torquay, the home of Ripcurl and Quiksilver, one obviously have to surf. However the weather wasn’t good enough according to surfing guru Jonte. Instead we just watched some of the more enthusiastic ones at Bells beach which was, incidentally, just a short ten minute drive from my brothers house.

We drove a little further to Point Addis  – a nude beach, but given it was winter the only other people we met were seasonly clothed. On the upside that meant I felt more comfortable of picking up the camera so below are some shots from the day.


Janelle drawing patterns with stick before waves wash them up

07102016 - namnlöst - Torquay - _MG_7375

Brother Jonte contemplating the hardships of living in a surfing paradise

Family on beach


Jonte jumping

Choose Happiness – but never go full retard