Massages and getting sick

09082015 - Tanzania -  Zanzibar iPhone - IMG_2569We started the day with nice pancakes and then surprise, reading by the pool – it was more temperate today and even a brief shower which I managed to catch with the iPad (I do not think I was spotted wielding the iPad as a camera luckily though).

Mona wanted a massage to see if that could rectify her neck pains and who were I to not take the chance for a massage just for pleasure? It was 40 USD for an hour which wasn’t a bargain but still good price and although not the best I’d had it was really nice and I felt rejuvenated after that hour.

It was now time for lunch and we had pasta pesto and I started feeling a bit queasy an hour or so afterwards but since I’d read about some Ving hotel in Bulgaria having an outbreak I thought I was imagining things. Also I sometimes feel a bit weird after a massage so didn’t think much of it until we had dinner.

By dinner I felt less than great and quickly went to the room after we finished, I kept that dinner for about 3-4 minutes I believe – well spent money! Mona felt great and since this was the first time we had something different during the day that was the dinner was the prime candidate. It didn’t take much long until I could re-taste everything I had during the day (including Panda licorice, which didn’t feel that bad on the way up) and of course water started leaking from the other end as well. I quickly had two Dimor and drank water, but obviously too fast since that came up during the night as well. It truly sucks to try to sleep when feeling bad and I of course woke Mona up every time I went to the bathroom as well. Glad this happened now and not just before we were flying back to Oslo though.