10082015 - Tanzania -  Zanzibar iPhone - IMG_2323I ate very little for breakfast but forced some before walking like a sleep-deprived zombie to the beach for some sleeping in the fresh air. Julia also had two tablets of rehydration (mental note, bring those next trip as a combo with the dimor) which I drank together with water.

The weekend had piled up some new podcasts as well – if I have to pick one place to recover from illness this might come to mind. Being Monday there were also groups of kids going to school – something I’ve missed seeing from the pool (or sleeping in).

10082015 - Tanzania -  Zanzibar iPhone - IMG_2324

Mona tucked me in and I think I slept a good couple of hours and started feeling better and regained some but not all appetite. For late afternoon we had another movie and saw Jack Ryan – Shadow Recruit, which I for some reason though had received good ratings. It wasn’t that bad (Mona even ranked it higher than Chappie) but the CIA/USA action-thrillers with zero plot twists only doesn’t score that high – on the other hand it was perhaps want my brain could manage. I had drunk around 3 liters of water during the day which my body happily absorbed so I guess I managed to get pretty dehydrated. I was told next morning that I fell asleep just after 21.