03082015 - Tanzania -  iPhone Viktor - IMG_2302I woke up peacefully but realized when trying to visit the bathroom that my calves were not used to running in wet sand apparently – no run today but I suspect I need to punish the weak body to show who’s really running the show.

Another fresh breakfast, this time their omelette accompanied with the regular fresh fruits and tea. This does indeed beat the regular breakfast in Oslo in the form a cup of warm chocolate at work around 09.

Today weather was better, so we would focus our slacking outside our room, to be exact between 3 and 23 meter away depending on which sunbed would have the most comfortable temperature/light combination. Perhaps even an excursion to the ocean some additional 30m or less during high tide.

Eventually Mona, for the first time, considered to try the pool, but it was not above 30 apparently meaning too cold. She also kept positioned herself always out of reach from yours truly while I was in the pool so I could not help her into the pool either.03082015 - Tanzania -  iPhone Viktor - IMG_2303We had tomato soup for lunch, another 15meters from where the pool is which would constitute maximal distance travelled from bed that day. We however booked a snorkling session with ScubaFish which was the recommended Dive Center for tomorrow, one can only take so much of doing nothing at all.

We skipped candy for dinner and instead tried the local restaurant (apparently if you are outside the room and by the pool they come and ask when/what you would like to have). I went for a local speciality – octopus in coconut sauce with rice while Mona went for hot coconut soup for starter and fillet of beef with baked potatoes for main. To both our surprise Mona was however unable to have desert being completely full – the sun can do strange things to people but this was something completely unexpected.

Satiated we stumbled to bed early with alarms set for 07, it was time to start doing stuff again…