Healthy or not – here we come

02082015 - Tanzania -  iPhone - IMG_0366This day was the first day of the rest of the vacation, so I started off with a nice barefoot run on the beach for half an hour or so before breakfast. Mona chose to making sure the sunbeds on the beach didn’t escape and where clearly in a winning position in the wrestling match when I came back with burning calves.

We thought about doing some activities and looked at the alternatives and decided, well, perhaps we need to rest a bit more. So we moved over to the beach but didn’t do more than settle down as wind picked up and some locals came running – this typically means one thing and I had just protected all electronics when the sky opened itself. So back to the room for some reading in bed.

We had another lunch at the restaurant, but weather still wasn’t optimal whereas the books were and we decided to watch a Bond movie instead. A little bit of reading and some candy and we felt that since we had been so healthy this morning we could skip dinner and instead continue eating candy and watching another Bond. That actually concluded our chronological viewing of all released Bond movies and although Daniel Craig has done some improvements there is little doubt that Sean Connery in his youth is the best, Goldfinger likely if one is to be picked.

Speaking of entertainment, Mona is reading Jo Nesbø series about Harry Hole whereas I’ve started reading Gridlinked by Neal Asher, the fist of five books, which is then follower up by two trilogies – add the regular podcasts ATP, Rocket and The Talkshow to that. I really have to give up Fallout Shelter as well, there is something diabolic about games with no clear ending.