Another day, another book

We woke just late enough to make it for the breakfast, but without the alarm. I skipped the early running and instead we hit the sun-chairs early. While playing in the waves and the pool we tried out the GoPro camera my brother so kindly borrowed me, and now I know that the mode I used need to have a computer to playback – I learn things every day 🙂

We decided to have lunch today and I broke away from my vegetarian diet for one meal, only to wait 45 minutes for a burger. Mona enjoyed a club sandwich herself – in general the quality of drinks and food at the hotel is good, the only thing I think they could improve is their bad habit of forgetting orders and/or the preparation times. A little more slacking/reading until I finished “Final Days” by Gary Gibson, OK but not as good as the previous trilogy so the next one will be Marauder, another book set in the same universe as the Shoal triology.


After the food settled I went to the gym again, this time completely empty so I took my chances and went running and exercising in shorts only and with music from the jambox – felt great. While showering I realized that the waterproof sunscreen had not been applied as through as I intended and now I sported spotted areas of sunburn – felt less great. We ended up too lazy to get dinner and the rest of the evening was spent reading except another short break to FaceTime with Java, who unfortunately still don’t grasp the concept of video chatting but at least we can look at her and see her react to our voices.