Doing nothing is an accomplishment in itself

I didn’t trust myself to wake up I time for breakfast so I set an alarm which woke us at 0930 to Mona’s unbridled joy. The breakfast was nice, someone makes the omelette just the way you want, fresh fruits etc – you know the drill. I had not as much enthusiasm for the gym as the night before but headed down only to realize that running right after a large breakfast would prove to be a challenge, so I moved to the weight lifting machines instead and managed to do a decent set of exercises at least. Then we read books, tried he ocean and the pool until we got hungry again.

We decided we would stroll outside the hotel area and eat at Pier 88 which proved to be nice as well as significantly cheaper than the hotel. Mona had noodles and her portion would probably satiate a medium-sized family, myself I went for the Srilankan fish curry and managed to not leave more than a third. After sunset a duo of musicians arrived and started to perform, a sign proclaimed this would be calypso but I’m not so sure, good fun anyhow but their skill was closer to mine than Mona’s. The fact that Sri Lanka only has around 7,5% Christians doesn’t stop them from celebrating Christmas, nor the fact that it’s tropical and most of them will never see snow. Then again the Santa Claus connection little to a supposed child born by a virgin in the Middle East aren’t that solid either.20131222-173108.jpg

The rest of the evening was spent reading and enjoying the candy we bought earlier. I only had one mouthful of M’s (chocolate-covered nuts) though since I saw that there plenty of movement in the bag, apparently small ants have a way of entering the bag so we chose to throw the rest away. I could swear there were ants in my mouth but that being the last chocolate I took my chances. The licorice bag had proved to be more secure though and was now placed in the fridge for additional security measurements.