Strolling ‘n Dining

20130105-134215.jpgToday is a good day to eat. Starting with the much anticipated breakfast which met our high expectations. The sparkling wine wasn’t the best I’ve had but good enough for breakfast…

After making sure we wouldn’t be hungry for a few hours we took a stroll in the neighborhood, we spotted a somewhat intoxicated gentleman who tried to enter a nearby pub with this beer in his hand, he was obviously not welcome and got out after a few seconds, chugged the beer can and entered the next pub, and we didn’t see him get out so it seems that his determination to avoid getting sober paid off.20130105-141716.jpg

We stopped in many stores to look at many things, Mona got herself an army cap in some shop which sold 2nd World War memorabilia / miscellaneous old stuff or to quote a character from a game I’ve played too much “Some may call this junk. Me I call them treasures”. I know my father could have spend months scavenging items there but we left after less than an hour. After quite some walking we stopped at Cafe GianMario and had a pizza for lunch, the establishment was Italian which also meant that the male owner chatted with his customers while the female staff where working hard with a constant smile on their faces.

When returning to the flat I checked the blog and realized that the server was no longer responding, and recall that I didn’t turn off Transmission which had this nasty kernel-level bug I had seen a few times before. Well well, I did have the blog cached so I threw up a temp blog on WordPress and will sort out that later. After a bit of rest it was time to visit Costes which had received a star in Guide Michelin so we thought we would try a tasting menu. It was nice and earned, especially the deserts where splendid and well presented although the service wasn’t quite as good as could be expected. We left fully satisfied and barely able to walk home before falling a sleep after another day of Budapest.