Rushing to Relaxation

As most trips do, this one started off a bit rough as well. The flight was to depart at 08:55, meaning that either the bus getting there at 07:15 or a taxi were the options. We went for the environmental choice and set our alarms accordingly. We woke up, got to the tram station and were informed that due to vehicle issues the trams were late. This was unfortunate but we quickly walked to Korsvägen, hopped on a new tram and got to Centralstationen, jogged to Nils Ericsson just in time to see the bus leave.

We decided there was no rush now and had breakfast before calling a (Mini)taxi, they were out of cars and by the time we got one it was getting a bit too close to closed gate with potential morning traffic. This was when I realized I no longer were in possession of the printed boarding passes. A quick run to where we had breakfast saved me 80 Euro since the papers were still there. We got to the airport quickly, well at Säve there was no queue and the flight was late so in the end we could have gone with a later bus.

After landing and buying some local currency we got on a bus to the subway station, where we had to buy new tickets again. A little guesswork combined with google maps got us off at the right subway station and we were strolling towards our hotel when we came across a soup and bagel shop which looked popular. It was cheap and tasty and served as a filling lunch.

Once we checked in at Bohem Art and found that the room was very nice, heated floor in the bathroom and art is always pleasant, we lay down for a rest…

When we woke up we reserved a table at Costes for tomorrow and then took a longer stroll north and ended up at Cafe Kör which we’d read about. Not surprising they had really nice food to low prices and tables quickly got filled with locals as we sat there, I enjoyed a mixed skewer with pepper sauce and potatoes since they, again not surprisingly, lacked vegetarian dishes. We then walked back home after replenishing our cash for a decent ATM (much better exchange rate) and got to bed rather early.