It’s not raining in Paradise

After the now familiar breakfast we planned to do some slacking while the sun was out and sky was blue and then visit a pearl farm nearby when the weather would get worse. Sad but true the sky kept being blue with no sign of of rain, but around lunch we got a cab and visited the pearl farm/shop anyway. Needless to say one of us just happened to find some adorable jewelry. We went back and had lunch before returning to the slacking positions – still sunny.

We enjoyed the Mandatory drinks in the sunset at the beach, and after some dinner considerations we decided it was OK to visit
Ganesh a third time since we at least had not been there any two consecutive days. Said and done, it was really good as usual and the service as well. The Indian manager runs the place with an iron fist but it does make a difference and service is one of those things that’s very hard to learn if you haven’t been privileged to experience it for yourself.

When we got back we took the opportunity of the dark to do some nightly skinny dipping, no rain yet during the whole day and a few minutes later we went to bed after another pretty OK day.