Fairly decent hours

shapeimage_2-3We wake at the lovely sound of christian pop music – at around 0630. After realizing that there is no-one in our room with a boomblaster we understand that we are living next to a church. Mona now remembered that the British guy had mentioned that the only con was that “there was some music – but it was played at fairly decent hours”. We guess that was non-Sundays.

We checked out in search of a more tranquil place outside of Munnar Town in the countryside. We managed to get the name Aranyaka from “Tourist Information” but picked a random Auto-Riksha guy to drive us there for 100Rs. He managed to pass a couple of his friends hotels rather than going where we asked him but finally we got the the right place and it was awesome with capital A. For those thea-enthusiasts, this in the hear of the Nilgiri district.

Since there was no commission to give to anyone we managed to get down the price from 3500 Rs to 2500Rs. Really nice cottages with beautiful views, and we decided to take a little trek in the afternoon. Long story short we walked quite a bit through some jungle-ish vegetation in addition to the tea bushes but managed to find a lovely citrus tree with tasty fruits and a nice waterfall.