Munnar Hilltop Station

shapeimage_2-4The plan for the day was to do some sightseeing around Munnar – we opted for using Ganesh, a driver known by the resort management the whole day (1000 Rs) rather than getting into Munnar and bartering. We used one of the standard itineraries with some modifications and headed towards Munnar Hilltop Station.

After stopping at a flower garden and heading further on we saw an old foreigner who where heading the same way so we picked up the hiker – Hans, a swiss 75-year old backpacker who was traveling India for the 4th time or so. We refused any payment from Hans but he paid for our dinner later in the day. We had a great day swapping stories and perspectives while snapping photos of the people and scenery along the way.

On the way back we stopped at Munnar town and I paid a barber a visit, and consequently lost at least 7 years in ten minutes. Back at our cottage we enjoyed a massive traditional meal that the staff had cooked for us – for an yet unknown price.