Slacking Deluxe

shapeimage_2-1While unpacking I found that Mona had stashed away three bottles of water and soda, I accused her for causing me to sink so low as to steal for my survival in the protection of the night. The good part of the day was spent in different positions on the beach reading and swimming in the temperate sea.

I finished reading “Surface Detail” by Iain M. Banks, which was nice and very immersing. It was however not awesome to read on the iPad in beaming sunlight. At 1630 I decided that it was not possible to confirm whether our luggage was on the airport and just to be sure we went with the cabdriver. It all went well, we (Finnair) paid the taxidriver 800Rs for the two-hour trip back’n’forth. Unfortunately for him he manage to hit some concrete thingies while parking – hope he at least went plus in total.

Another nice dinner at Sealine, now enjoying our complete luggage. So far Paneer Butter Masala is the best dish.