Heading to the Beach

shapeimage_2We Checked out after a decent sleep and got some information on our luggage which should be on it’s way. After breakfast we walk along the coast and look at the chinese fishing nets which is a symbol for the city.

IMG_1850After disposing our trash in the fab bins we picked up our remaining luggage (Mona’s clothes). Finnair Delphi office require some convincing work but in the end they agreed to pay for any taxi costs for us to pick our lost luggage (My clothes and our toiletries) up at the airport or send someone in our place.
We got on the Ferry to Vypin Island (4 Rs for both), a local bus to Cherrai (25 Rs for both).

After strolling the beach road at Cherai Beach for some time we decided to check in at Sealine Resort (2000 Rs -> 1500 Rs). Took a stroll along the beach and met tons of indian students and families bathing after work (fully dressed for females of course). We kindly accepted offers to model with the locals before returning to the Resort where we had a nice dinner and our first beers for the vacation.

Maybe it was the beer, or maybe it was the heat but I was mad thirsty and we were out of water, I managed to fall asleep but in the middle of the night my thirst woke me and I during a nightly excursion found a not-locked-therefore-free cabinet of water and sodas.