Who enjoys Easy difficulty anyways?

P1000428Great start of the trip – I get a call from Sossen and realize that I’ve misunderstood when they should be picked up – we hurry to the airport but not before noticing the parking ticket. Apparently Tuesdays odd weeks between 9 and 12 are 600 SEK. Well well – at least we managed to not miss the connection in Helsinki and got a couple of hours of sleep on the flight to Delhi.

Our luggage had not made that flight however, so some paperwork after realizing that no more luggages will appear on the conveyor belt. Getting on the final flight to Kochin (with a stop midway at some unknown airport). Finally arriving we get a pre-booked taxi (720 Rs) to Fort Kochin. We find a nice, but somewhat pricy place called Adams Old Inn for 2000 Rs.

IMG_1842Dumped our luggage, had a nice and cheap dinner at Talk of the Town – bought some toiletries and went to bed.