Boulders Beach and Cape of Good Hope

shapeimage_2-16Waking up after another night of so-so sleep we head down to the reception to await the pick-up for todays tour, the Peninsula tour. After picking up the rest of the backpackers for some 45 minutes we head out for some harbor where we are able to eat breakfast (since the one advertised isn’t really worth it’s name according to the tour-guide himself) when a few people get on a boat to watch some seals.

Next stop is Boulders Beach, a small beach not really noteworthy at all before a few decades ago when a colony of penguins decided this was a cool place to chill out at. Penguins are quite interesting animals to look at, I could see myself having a pet penguin or possible a stuffed up one in a mansion as I get older. As we continued south down on the peninsula it was time to get a bicycle ride for some 6 kilometers or so. Very nice, fresh air, awesome views and tranquil way of transportation, very nice indeed. After lunch at Buffelfontstein we headed on towards two the places I’ve really looked forward to set my feet at, Cape Point and Cape of Good Hope.IMG_3279Very nice sights and a dozen of photos later we head back towards the Green Elephant. A nice tour, not that bad with 50€ each for a full day although it would of course have been cheaper to do on your own – which wouldn’t happen since we are lazy. After picking up laundry we went back to Long street, Abuntu backpackers to be more precice, where we had made reservations in order to get a bit closer to the city bowl area for a change.

At Abuntu we find out that “Chad” had double-booked us but not bothered to call back to Green Elephant to inform us about that. Good for Chad that he wasn’t working now, the lady at the reception went through all guidebooks and lists she had after we’d explained that she would have to find us a double in the close vicinity. She finds the place “Sleep and Go Backpackers” which is just a block away. Excellent. We go there and realize that the place is a set of dungeons but are too tired to find alternative accommodation – and instead go all the way the dungeon route and choose a room without windows (and not facing Long street which could get noisy we suspect).

After quick shower and we examine Long street by night and stumble upon another of Hanna’s tips – Royal Eatery. A place famous for their burgers. We find out however that we need to wait for a table, in the waiting room (rather than at the bar). The waiting room turns out to be a club in the same building, quite nice. As we order drinks at the bar a guy stops and calls out “You!” towards us. It’s the italian-looking guy from Island Vibe Knysna, small world. Apparently his band is playing later tonight so we promise to get back and after truly tasty burgers (yours truly had a vegetarian one with blue cheese) we return for a rock concert by “Jet Black & The Multicolors”. After a long day finishing with a decent concert we get back to our dungeons with a smile on our faces and a ringing in our ears.IMG_0327