Chilling in Port Elizabeth

shapeimage_2-4After the long day yesterday it was nice to take a looong morning in the bed, in other words I woke up around 08 and couldn’t get back to sleep. Well well, some picture handling and blog writing as Mona slept on didn’t hurt. We decided to stroll down to the beach and see what it had to offer.

The beach didn’t have much in the direction towards city centre so instead we headed further down south. In our hunt for a nice breakfast place I spotted something very similar to blood on the street, in fact it looked like someone had dripped blood for quite a walk. Mona then said “It might have been that guy with his face totally smashed up?” I’d missed the apparently calm, bad-bleeding white backpacker – and of course I pondered to and fro during the rest of the day what could have happened to him without the possibility to ever question him.

We had breakfast/lunch at a cafe called Bella or something, located at Bay World – awesome omelets and nice fresh fruit-muesli. We then headed back towards Lungile to see what activities we would could find for the rest of christmas eve. We booked a massage and headed back to the southern shoreline for some more sightseeing/strolling again. We came across a place called Boardwalk which seemed to be a strange crossing between an amusement park and a shopping centre.

The Boardwalk offered among other things a cinema, showing Avatar which we decided would be fun to watch (in 2D). The schedule was a little tight though with the massage so we weren’t sure we would make it and were hesitant to book in advance until we were told about the price, 3€ per ticket. We booked the tickets, headed back and re-scheduled the massage.

The massage was OK, but since I’d chosen “Deep Tissue Massage” I expected to be heavily assaulted but instead got something very similar to “a basic massage”, slightly disappointing. The movie Avatar was very nice however, not the most original story but oh-so-sweetly graphics – it definitely raised the bar – similar to the way Matrix pioneered the moving-camera-frozen-scene style. And the fact that the tickets were a mere 3€ showed that apparently going to the cinema doesn’t have to cost 10-12€ like in Sweden.