“They look kind of furry, because … they are”

shapeimage_4We awoke to the sound of Simbian Mobile Disco from the alarm clock/phone but a minute later we heard Florence, the main organizer for the camp ask whether we were awake. She explained that it was 0800 now and if we wanted to join the safari we should really hurry. Surprised we looked at my phone, which stated 0700 – well well no time to argue. Three minutes later we had brought some muffins and got ourselves dressed but unfortunately missed a bacon&egg breakfast. Apparently my phone had decided to adjust itself to the laptop’s timezone, i.e. Swedish and one hour later. Bah.

We did not have a guide for ourselves this time, instead we were accompanied by Chris, an australian guy and four other Swedish people. The whole point of being able to speak swedish without others understanding seemed to have been lost somehow. Todays goal was to spot some cats and off we drove.

Safaris are hard to describe with words, we saw too many wonderful sights to count (however my camera’s memory card was about full after some ~450 shots after the two days;)). In general we had better luck (or a better guide?) this day than the previous and got the chance to see some lions.

First three females dozing under a tree, some ok shots but later on the day we ended up being the only car enjoying the sight of a male lion having a feast on a Giraffe. The carcass smelled somewhat, possibly a day or two old, and there were two dead trees nearby with a bunch of vultures waiting for their turn. Really really nice to see that view, not more than at maximum 20 meters away.

shapeimage_2-2Another highlight was the bathing elephant babies, it seems that anything being newly born or very young can be cute – regardless how mad ugly some animals become as they become adults. Speaking of ugly, shapeimage_3 it seems that Wilder beast, also known as Gnu, was one of “the ugly five” (warthog being another proud member), Mona found this very entertaining. Something else entertaining was the guide’s very good explanation to why Nialas looked furry – they are.

We had another nice dinner back at Marc’s Treehouse lodge but went to bed rather early to be able to get up for the early bush-walk tomorrow morning at 0600 and then start the journey towards Port Elizabeth…