Wildlife and disorganization records

shapeimage_2-1Despite the heavy rain during the night we awoke dry and rather well-rested. After a nice fruit-salad and muffin breakfast and the daily Malarone pill we were off to Kruger. The three people staying at the same place decided to take the day off which meant that Mona and I got ourselves our very own guide. Not bad at all šŸ™‚

The safari started with us being lucky to see a nice Rhino rather close and Rhinos are quite big, I would not like to get in the way once one of those picks up the speed towards you. Snapping away pictures and enjoying the views (Binoculars were easily worth the purchase in Sweden) time passed and we had lunch at some place called Sakari or similar.

Iā€™m not sure why but there seems to be a general contempt against organization in South Africa, but this restaurant probably set the record. Menus and placards everywhere dictating possible offers/orders – people everywhere and not surprisingly about 3 queues of people. It was not obvious at first that the only queue one should stand in was the cashier. You did not order where you could see the food or some menu, which confused the lot of the guests. After a long wait we got what we had pointed out though (Greek Salad – keeping it simple) and after Mona had done her own cappuccino (they had nice beans as well as appliances – not just the necessary skill/motivation) we got back to the car to continue the safari.

It was a really nice day with a lot of wonderful sights, many of which were recorded by camera and in the end we saw three out of the big five. Rhino, buffalo and elephants – we had not seen any lions or leopards but were hoping for more luck with the cats for tomorrow. Lions are easier to see, not easy but compared to the very elusive leopards or cheetahs chances are much bigger…

Well back at the camp we enjoyed another nice dinner with rice/chicken/vegetables and a couple of Savanna Ciders at the bonfire together with the other four guests before heading back to our treehouse the night.