Superferry living and arriving in Manilla

IMG_0554Waking up, realizing that the air-con we adjusted yesterday was actually the the volume for music and announcements. Slacking, eating a nice breakfast and scouting the other decks. Back and blog/read. Lunch – also nice. Swedish pair of guys with Philippine girl mysteriously ignorant and rude. Rather nice way of travel, just slacking. Bob Marley dominating as music.

After arriving in Manilla bay and pushing through the crowd of taxi drivers kindly and repeatedly offering their services we took a honest-looking taxi and headed off to our reserved hotel, Paco Park Hotel. We checked in after checking the room, or apartment would be a better description of the accommodation. It was very nice with sofas, hallways and a spacious bathroom. Mind that this was cheaper (less than 40€) than in El Nido and only slightly more expensive than our stay in Coron. Service leaves some to be desired though, but we have gotten used to that here I guess.

No rest for the wicked however, it was time for shopping! We headed off to Robinsons Place, a nice mall although big enough to get lost in. If found a new pair of runners, clever as I am I had taken a photo of the shoe so I could easily get the newest version of same model. I had not jotted down my size though and of course was in between two sizes.

Electronics was unfortunately still expensive but I found a nice light jacket, always good to gear up for summer when Sweden will have winter for at least four more months. Mirsada didn’t find anything despite thorough searching, it seems that we have slightly different approaches to how we shop. I move past most things but if I find something I like, I usually decide within seconds whether I’ll buy it or not. Mirsada seems not to adhere to that school of consumption.

The massage for the day was dedicated to our feet, an hour of foot massage felt really nice. To finish the day I was going for “the baconator” at Wendys (hamburger chain) but they couldn’t do one as they were closing. Bah. We had some less impressive burgers but this didn’t satisfy our hunger so we got a nice pair of salmon sandwiches at Kenny Rogers Roasters before heading back to the hotel. Well home I of course saw that I had chosen the wrong size for the runners, sometimes 50% chance isn’t enough.