No Pirates Allowed

DSC00014Shopping in Robinsons Place was not a feat one could accomplish in half a day so we went back. After quickly changing my runners I no longer had to pain my feet with the slightly too small flip-flops (bought on the Superferry for half a €). My feet really appreciated proper shoes, and I was now kitted for a good old day of shop ‘til you drop.

We had a deluxe breakfast at a bakery since the hotel had failed to understand how to boil eggs properly. I just had to ask what the sign depicted above meant and got the obvious answer – “no pirates”. As we browsed the stores in a more ordered manner this time (or so we thought) we tried to understand how the passages and floors connected but it was easier said and done. After making the mistake of postponing a purchase and consequently spending half an hour or more on finding the store again I started to make small direction notes on my cellphone.

The daily massage was replaced by buying a head/hair massage-thingy – I guess most people had had a vendor in some city try to sell the thing to them – small metallic arms that scratch/massage your head really nice. In Manilla it went for 1.5€ which was affordable by all means. If you shop around here we can recommend the cuisine at Sushi-ya, second floor Padre Fauna wing, which had really nice bento boxes. We went home earlier than yesterday and finished our consumer day by watching the last four episodes of Elfen Lied. Purchase of the day was a retro bag for yours truly, not that I need one but it looked really nice and I swear I could hear it whispering my name.