Big in Japan and probability laws

IMG_9578It was time to go through 21st Century for further bargains. In was not so crowded as last time when we arrived at eight, eight-thirty. As time passed others started to pour in however and around ten the density approached usual christmas standards.

One may think that a humongous discount store like this would have plenty of restrooms, this is however not the case. First of all the building reminds me of Excet in Gothenburg or the labyrinth in some old greek tale with mezzanines, weird misplaced elevators and stairs spanning between the main building and “the other” part. After maybe twenty minutes of directions by a handful employees we found the holy restroom, only to find that it was closed. Closed as in not open, this was bordering to illegally evil in my not so humble opinion, the restroom opened after some ten minutes though. After the marathon-shopping we were off to have a nice lunch, noodles of course. It was decided a draw since both got really nice noodles.

Next stop was Uniqlo, the Japanese version of H&M which we’d spotted the day before and had some promising items. I fell in love with an awesome blue jacket and Mirsada marveled at all the “heat”-fabric clothes, some ultra soft and moisture and heat removing fabric, which was a perfect match for her skin. The combination of rather nice prices and japanese design and materials was unhealthy temptation for our credit cards.

While shopping away the laws of probabilities interrupted and who did we spot in the store if not a client from work that we both had met many times. After a quick chat we continued our shopping, we had only been in the fitting rooms twice so far, there was much more to try out.

I also bought two pair of jeans, and lazy as I am I only measured one of them for alterations and asked the clerk to use the same distance on the other pair as well. Finally it was time to suffer for our sins and we paid. The lovely lady who accepted my credit card however said a total price some hundred dollars or more less than I’d expected, strange. While checking the receipt I first saw that the jeans were not only of different color but also different models, this made me a bit curious if the measure-one-pair-only trick was so wise after all. Also I got several of the clothes for prices way lower than on the price tags, but who was I to complain over these things – perhaps there was some hidden sale?

Done with Uniqlo shopping we headed off to ground zero, the former world trade center twin towers. It looked like a big construction site, it was however a bit eerie to see the other high-raisers just across the streets, I guess people there were a bit scared at the time since we aren’t talking about any distances here.IMG_9586After all the shopping it was time to pay J&R another visit and this time walk out with a Canon 50mm 1.4 USM lens. It was then back to dump our wares at YMCA and we decided that we would pay the movies a visit this night. We went to the nearest cinema and bought Imax tickets for Desert Eagle after a quick decision and had some dinner at the restaurant across the street. Japanese off course. I was here however beaten in the choice since Mirsada’s fried tofu outmatched my soup without further ado. The movie was the worst crap I’ve seen in a long time, and the fancy Imax screen and sound could not change that. After a long day we were off to bed, but not before verifying that both pair of jeans fit well despite the lazy alteration.