SoHo and out of stock statements

IMG_9569The biggest difference between discount stores and regular ones are not the mentally challenged personnel, the lack of an organized structure or scarce good looking items of right size, it’s the music. In every store that has decent clothes or wares of any kind I will assure you that the music will be nice, it may be house, jazz, soul or pop but it’s something good. In discount stores you’d be happy for hearing “Best of Lionel Richie”. Despicable.

It was interesting to see that among the popular brands in the posh stores were often Swedish or at least Scandinavian ones. Ranging from Acne and Nudie to Lelo or jewelry by Efva Attling. A slight difference is that a pair of Acne jeans usually goes for about half the price in Sweden than here.

IMG_9572SoHo is visually very pleasant and has a certain atmosphere, the breakfast we had in a sunny backyard was simply awesome. I was considered to be the winner by 3-0 in score for my breakfast selection. The chai latte won over Mirsada’s latte, my awesome bacon, pear and cheddar sandwich whopped Mirada’s ham&cheese and her sour apple was no match for my delicious banana. She learned her lesson and later copied my order for lunch when we both had a nice spicy spaghetti with shrimps.

The Apple store in Soho wasn’t as spectacular as the one in Ginza, Tokyo, but sure was overly crowded by presumptive customers. After checking out iPods and the price for a new macbook battery we left. In general it seems far more common with iPhones or Macbooks here than in Gothenburg, I’d say that on cafés or restaurants it’s more than two thirds Apple.

After numerous stores we headed off to J&R to pick up my lens and flash and Mirsada’s Tivoli and were greeted by that none of the sought for devices were in stock. Now it didn’t appear such a good idea to consider the purchase over night, but I’m not bitter. At least the lens would be in by tomorrow but for the flash it seems I’ll have to pay the jewish B&H store which opens on Thursday after some religious holiday called succot.