IMG_9128After publishing the blog it was relaxing all the way. The compulsory reading of a newspaper in the dead sea needed to be done however, as well as smearing oneself in mud from the same sea.

IMG_9138Hamzeh walked by us and mentioned that the lunch was included but closed in 30 minutes so if we would like to take advantage of that, now was the time. After an orgy in confusion we seated ourselves for a three-course lunch. Out of the thirty-two seats the wedding tour group used seven, the rest had either eaten earlier, didn’t know about it or had been directed to other restaurants by the hotel staff.

Back to the pool complex, the dead sea water was nice but a little too salty to taste, the whirlpool two and a half meters from our sun chairs was a sufficient replacement though.

Since there was some confusion regarding the lunch (apparently Hamzeh and Irina had ordered dinner, but the hotel had interpreted this as lunch) we took the bus to some panoramic view to watch the sunset and catch some mezze.

The sunset was very nice and the view was not surprisingly quite nice. One could see the lights from Jericho and Jerusalem glimmering in the night over the dead sea. Which reminded me, the Jordanian government refuse to let anyone dive and check the bottom of the sea for religious reasons as I understood it, interesting.IMG_9150
After bidding some of the more workaholic guests farewell we went to bed, tomorrow’s sleeping would probably not match our new standards unless Damascus airport had undertaken some serious renovating since our last visit.