Wedding Day

IMG_9027We started the day by a trip to western Amman and the famous Lebnani snacks which were Mirsada’s favorite place to hang back in the days. After three orders we still hadn’t managed to get her favorite cocktail but left very full.

When driving from Amman to the dead sea I did some power-blogging so hopefully the blog will be updated any day now. We managed to check in among the first rendering us the last king-sized bed room, yay! The hotel, Marriott, had a wonderful lunch, the best beef pistachio I’ve ever had. The pool complex wasn’t bad either so after a quick dip in the dead sea and a free mud treatment we tried each and every pool.

A quick ironing session and we were dressed for success and went to the wedding. The wedding was very nice, a few things were different compared to the ones I’ve attended so far, e.g. traditional sword-fighting, no alcohol and of course the arabic chanting and singing. Other things were more easy recognized like the mix of old and new music, good food and pleasant company. A lot of dancing in my not so cold three-piece suit later we decided to leave for our six-cushioned bed.

Tomorrow it would be all relaxing, my guess is that the bride and the groom would need it more than the lot after the very hectic time of planning and organizing everything together with the wedding planner.