Jerash and Hammam

IMG_9004We tried to get to Jerash by bus again and had more luck this time, we even managed to get there rather early to avoid the lot of tourists and heat. Since we got there so cheap we even treated ourselves with a personal guide.

It was an impressive old (people have constantly been living here for some 6500 years) place which used to more of a commercial centre than it is today. For me the main attraction was Temple of Artemis, +50% trade routes in Civilization IV.

The amphitheater had a central spot where all sound bounced back, this of course required the loud recitation of a famous The Kristet Utseende quote. We decided to leave without watching the revived gladiator games since this seemed a bit to touristy for us.

The ride back was interesting since when we got to the bus-stop the service-cars (pay per person in a regular car/minibus) denied any existence of a bus. Since we got here by that bus we knew they were bluffing. They did however offer to drive us for one JD to somewhere really close to Amman. Then a truck stopped by and Mirsada asked that driver if he would drive us to Amman for one JD each. This was not seen kindly by the service-drivers. We kept it up and got a arabic curse and when the bus showed up and they explained the real price we said that we still preferred this car and smiled and said thanks. There is nothing like pissing off guys trying to rip you off.

The afternoon was spent at Al-Pasha hammam and Wild Jordan, a nice rather posh café with great view over the city, together with Felix and Hanna which Mirsada knew from before. The hammam was really nice and yours truly treated himself with a mud treatment in the face after being scrubbed. Burned really well. After a long day we were rather tired and got to bed early.