Preparations for the flight back

IMG_9164After checking out and saying or last goodbyes to all the people leaving for Aqaba at the red sea we locked our stuff in storage and headed off to the pools again. This time we would spend most of the remaining time at the spa in order to prepare our bodies in every possible way for the gruesome flight back home.

To our demise we couldn’t buy the cushions on site, we will investigate the online shop when we get back though. The driver showed up as earlier confirmed and there was virtually no queues at Amman Airport so after browsing tax-free stores we got to the gate for the first leg.

The ratio of children, the average amount of luggage of the locals combined with a lenient view on numbered seats/illiteracy made the two first legs somewhat of a nuisance but we managed to sleep through the lot including the first six-hour connection. Now we were in Budapest, and looked forward to another six hour connection. A lucky strike earned us a power outlet in reach from a comfortable seat, with free wifi on top of that, Yay!