Hungover and the cure for it

IMG_7055Tequila is not to be trifled with. Neither is Four Roses. I decided to skip breakfast at the hotel for sleep. Later we moved our hungover behinds to elemental fresh, a nice restaurant with only healthy and organic food. After that we went to Alex favorite massage parlor Dragonfly, which was the very next door. A very nice japanese massage for an hour later we headed back to the hotel. My recovery was progressing fine, but to be sure I took a long hot bath as well. Things weren’t as good for poor Uffe though who somehow managed to get the runs and was in kind of a bad shape all dehydrated and exhausted.

Next up was dressing up and dinner and then later we were heading to Bling. When we got down to the lobby we for the first time hadn’t reserved tables at any restaurant which meant twelve opinions but we managed to decide that local chinese would be fun. The hotel had a few veryimportant rooms (sic!) which usually were for business dinners so we got one of those. Everyone drank fresh orange juice or coke during the meal and only in the end did some have shots of a local dodgy stuff that tasted awful. It was going to be a slow start tonight.

When taking the cab to Bling we realized that no one in the cab spoke chinese or had the name of the cub (less the address) in chinese. And the only phone was mine (roaming). When dropped off and not finding the club I called Tara and she was of course inside the club and could hear nothing, this didn’t look promising. Two chinese girls proved to be our rescue though since they were going to the same club and spoke limited chinese. We got there in time for the new year countdown.

The place was totally crowded and the music was so-so, perhaps a little to mainstream for my taste and the service was worthless when we got there. Mathias sorted this out though and we got our own guy providing drinks, mixers or champagne. As the champagne was gulped down the music seemed to get a little better, people friendlier and the service better. Laura, Helen and me left after some hours of dancing but not after having some dancing outside the club filmed and some simultaneous jumping documented.
IMG_2364It was impossible to get a cab so we strolled around and found the lovely japanese place we had lunch the other day to be open. So much better than your average hamburgers after a good night out. Later we had better luck with our taxis and got home quite quick. Over and out for this year.