Burning cash

IMG_5328_1The started off with us heading for Roppongi Hills, which could be one of the most expensive places to live I assume. We strolled around and I found a really really nice pair of jeans. Which, of course, wasn’t cheap. After some consideration I bought them and I will not reveal the price but the clerk gave me the jeans in a bag and carried the bag for me to the entrance of the store and I got the recite in a small envelope.

After that splurge we ate some african food since it was a theme or something, Ulf ordered ostrich which tasted really good. After some relaxing in the nice weather and browsing stores with way to expensive clothing we went to our backpacker hostel which would serve as base camp for the rest of our journey. We did some laundry and found out that Megumi, a friend of a friend to Ulf was happy to show us around in Tokyo. We decided we should meet her at starbucks in Shibuya at 21.

After some phone calls we found each other, the fact that we didn’t have any cell phone and that none of us knew how the others would look complicated the whole procedure a bit. We decided to eat on a restaurant a few stories above Starbucks and it was very very nice food. I guess having a japanese guide really helps to pick out the raisins from the cake as well.

After some stronger Shochu we were wondering if we should go out clubbing or split up. Megumi decided to catch her last subway home, we needed and transfer and would thus be stranded anyway so we decided to do some clubbing. Besides it was Ulf’s birthday. We checked out Gas Panic. Both of them. There are two clubs in the same area with the same name and concept.

The concept is simple. No entry but you must have a drink in your hands at all times. They played hip hop which was ok but not that good. There was some Gaijins there who really made me look like a sober and nice guy. Desperately hitting on the japanese girls, it was quite ugly. We now and then took breaks to check other clubs but decided we didn’t want to pay entrance fee at another place so strolled back and forth a while.

We got approached by girls offering us massage at several times and we decided we should not let our prejudices rule us but asked for the price and what kind of massage. Let us say that there are no longer any doubts of what was included in the massage. It would illegal to barter those services in Sweden. Around five the music stopped and we took the subway which just opened to our hostel and fell asleep.