A nice turn of the good old wheel

When we got back to the youth hostel after our stroll (we had walked quite a bit from Roppongi we realized when taking the sub back) we bumped into Sho, a japanese guy just a few years younger than us. He was in Tokyo for an job interview and originated from Aichi and his english was way better than the japanese average. He took us out for some eating and we had our own guide for the japanese cuisine. After several different dishes (you can share dishes straight from the plate apparently) we were satiated and happy. We had discussed cultural differences and helped us with the language so we could learn more handy phrases. On the way back we once again visited our favorite place for a quick shochu. We were greeted by the bartenders and what seems to be some of the regulars in the pub as well, which felt really nice. We discussed music and japanese for awhile before we headed back to the youth hostel. Sho told us that we were very welcome to stay at his place when/if we pass that city and it was on the way to Osaka/Kyoto so we think we will do that. He will leave for the states for some soccer camp later in next week but promised that he would work something out if we arrived then since his friends liked internationals. I spent some time searching for places to stay after the clubbing but it seems completely full due to some kind of summer festival or such.