IMG_4897.1_1We could leave our luggage at the youth hostel even though we didn’t have any bookings there which was nice. The plan is to get back there around 17 and shower, change clothes and beg for them to take care of our stuff while we hit the streets and don’t show up until late sunday morning. It’s been quite hot the latest days (around 30-35 during the day) but we left for Ginza around 10. Ginza is and old shopping focused area of Tokyo, Ginza actually means silver coin in Japanese. When we got there we checked out Sony’s showroom, some old fashionable stores, an apple-store and some other generic trendy stores. I prefer the shopping in Shibuya and Harajuku to this though, most of the stores were focused on ‘classic female fashion’ like Prada, Dior and so on. We thought of taking the lunch at Tiffanys (we had our breakfest already ;)) since it would even out the fact that we would sleep in a park for homeless later but instead found ‘Wendy’s. It was a little better than McDonalds but one visit per lifetime seems enough for now. After some traditional ogling outside the apple store (which was kind enough to leave their network open) we headed back to the large park near Tokyo station. It’s really soothing here and I guess we will sleep here tomorrow from noon until we are able to check in at another youth hostel (which have confirmed bookings on, yay!). I misplaced my black shades by the way so it’s pilot from now on. Bah.

Wish us luck for tonight, next stop is Womb!