IMG_4881.1Roppongi is mentioned to be a neighborhood were you actually can see brawls outside of pubs as compared to the rest of Tokyo which have extreme low crime-rate. It’s also where the clubs are open all night and some kind of red light district which you quickly tell by the signs and names of clubs. We found and S/M store but unfortunately it was closed, we might check it out later. I am interested in what the japanese mind can add to that genre of clothing and toys. We walked away from the clubs, checked out some posh interior design shops and have been walking in some parks for awhile. We saw on a map that there was supposed to be a university here as well so we plan to check that out now.

The university eluded us but we checked out more parks, were walking around Tokyo Tower which really isn’t much compared to other buildings we’ve seen so far. We had dinner at a middle cast indian restaurant which were OK but nothing more. We still haven’t figured if we should go out clubbing tonight but the thought of being tired/hung over and no secured place for the night doesn’t sound that nice. We’ll see, we have confirmed stay on sun/monday so saturday might be the day for Womb.