Drunk in Japan

IMG_4867.1_1Yep, it’s doable and you get the same hangover as in every other country. We just had to verify this though. We went out for food around 21 after showering and enjoying our own room. We had to do some exercising as well and I guess we looked pretty gay if someone would have entered the room when we were doing pushups and crunches. At least we drunk some local liquor between the sets. Anyways, we went to the place we ate at the very first day in Tokyo. A very small bar/teriyaki place with nice background music.

We practiced our japanese with the very nice looking girl and her english-speaking male colleague. We ordered some Shochu Roku (some 25%-ish stuff on the rocks) and since we are so nice and good looking we got the attention of the other visitors in the bar. They asked with the help of the bartender who could a little english where we were from and then mentioned IKEA, Volvo, SAAB and that we were quite good on soccer (?). Some laughs and more shochu later we realized that the curfew was soon active on our hotel. The music was really good (Ministry of Sound or similar) and I was a bit surprised when I heard Tomas Andessons’s ‘Washing Up’ remixed by Tiga through the speakers. And the girl was handling the music, we just had to ask her for for clubs and to write them down (Kaite Kudasai is a very handy phrase). She was happy to help us and we think that she was flirting with us, but it might been the shochu 😉 We got a few tips in different areas and are going to check out at least Womb (which a friend who lived here also recommended) in Shinjuku this weekend. After leaving the bar we decided that we needed a tiny sip of shochu before we went to bed.

So we bought a bottle of shochu in a convenient store (which by the way is named Sunkus) and we also found the wonderful party soft drink called ‘deeppresso’. Back at the youth hostel we teamed up with Eric, our dutch friend who we shared the room with. He brought some beers and we started the discussions of how to solve the world. Also the topics private property, japanese ways of handling unemployment (will elaborate this later together with a section discussing their toilets) were undertaken. Eric was to see some fish marked 6 pm but we just laughed at the idea of going there since we were more or less pissed and the clock was 3 pm. We woke up at the time for checking out and had to make a hasty retreat.